Abhinav Kafare

Who is he ?

If you ask him that question, chances are that he would give a poetic answer. Which is why we didn’t allow him to write this section.

With his spectacles, cap and unkempt hair, he tries hard to look like an artist.

And surprisingly, he is one.

By passion, profession and obsession.

Especially in the field of visual art, Abhinav has many feathers in his cap (sometimes literally).

Be it Painting, graphic design, photography, installation art or documentary – Abhinav has dabbled successfully in these mediums and created a rich and diverse body of work.

As if this weren’t enough, Abhinav is also a street artist.

His love for travel has driven him to leave his mark across several Indian cities.

Oh, by the way, when struck by poverty, Abhinav also works in advertising.